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Bikers and the After Hours…

I have been working on these images for most of the last month.  The idea for the images was simply a group of people outside of a bar in a dark alley somewhere in the city.  After completing the first image I began working on the “After Hours” scene.  This scene involves 3 of the characters hanging out in a loft apartment after a long night.  I wanted the textures of the apartment to be soft yet bold in their appearance.

I have used numerous lights and other techniques to hopefully bring a sense of realism and believability to both of the images.  As for how the story plays out that is entirely left to your imagination…  These scenes unlike a majority of my past works took a very long time to complete, and I wanted to create the scene in a way that you could believe it to be real.  Yes, I know that these are not my usual science fiction type scenes and are possibly a little hardcore for some.  No, there is no nudity, but the characters are harder than I would usually do.  I hope you enjoy these scenes and thank you for looking.  I also want to thank “karibous-boutique” at deviantART for all of her help with the lighting techniques and the patience to teach me about them.  Thank you!

The Bikers

After Hours


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